Mourinho felt sorry for Empoli: We didn’t play to win 7-0


Roma got their first victory in this edition of Serie A, after defeating Empoli with a score of 7-0.

It was the first victory of the Gialloros this edition, scoring a total of seven goals against Empoli, last in the table.

However, the coach of Rome, Jose Mourinho, said that they did not play in that way to win 7-0, as he stated, among other things, that he felt sorry for Empoli.

“I h ave to think differently. We played well, but not to win 7-0. It’s something that happens, it’s not like you play to win with a result like this.”


“We played a good match, not with uniformity, but with many ups and downs. On a physical level, you can see that there are players who don’t have the conditions to play a 90-minute match.”

“The result 7-0 happens. I’m sorry for Empoli, but this is football and sometimes it happens”, said Mourinho.

Further, the “Special One” has stated that he is not interested in Lukaku’s first goal, since the team is primary for him.

“It wasn’t important to me, maybe it was to him. I care about the team, whether he scores or not doesn’t change anything for me.”

“I’m interested in him giving a different profile to the team, we have to learn to play better with him and he with us.”

“We need to improve and today from the bench I saw things that I didn’t like. I’m talking about the team, not Romelu,” declared Mourinho.