The star of Real Madrid shows that he is playing with a broken hand


Federico Valverde continues to be an important asset for Real Madrid at this early stage of the season.

The Uruguayan has featured in all of the first five games this season, even scoring a goal in the return against Real Sociedad at the weekend.

However, it seems that Valverde has been playing for Real Madrid injured for some time now.

He surprised everyone earlier this month when he showed up to the match against Getafe with a bandage on his hand.

Now, as two weeks have passed, the Real Madrid star has admitted that he is being treated for a hand injury.

“I suffered a fracture in training, in a duel. I was chasing a teammate and caught his hand. It hurts, but I can play, and that’s the most important thing,” said Valverde briefly after the match with Real Sociedad.


As things are going, Valverde is playing without any problems. Although the midfielder still has pain in his right hand, it is not stopping him from showing his best version on the pitch.

Real Madrid tomorrow (Wednesday) will host the German team Union Berlin, this match is valid for group C where Napoli and Braga also belong.