“What is he doing in our team”, the fans explode with comments after a terrible mistake by Barcelona

The terrible mistakes by the people who manage the social networks of the Catalan giant Barcelona continue.

The Catalan giants have updated their cover photo on Facebook, and it features a PSG player.

Ousmane Dembele has left Barcelona, but the social media administrators of the Catalan giants have put him on the cover photo.

It’s been two hours since Dembele has been on Barcelona’s official website and fans have rightly exploded in comments.

“What is he doing in our team”, was the comment of a fan. “Lazy in the photo, he is no longer our footballer”. “What is a PSG player doing in our cover photo”, wrote another.

However, the people responsible for removing him have not yet reacted.

The Catalans had made such a mistake even after the 5-0 victory over Real Betis, where they had written the names of Ansu Fati and Cristiano Ronaldo in the list of Betis’ goalscorers.