Bellingham: You don’t realize how big Real Madrid is until you’re here

England midfielder Jude Bellingham secured victory for Real Madrid in their first Champions League group game against Union Berlin and is happy to be playing for the Royals.

Real Madrid triumphed 1-0 against Union Berlin at the Santiago Bernabeu, with the only goal scored by Bellingham in extra time.

After the dramatic victory, Bellingham himself spoke, who was very happy with the goal, but also playing with such a big club.

“I’m not going to lie, I’d rather score in extra time than in the 15th, even if it might wear out my heart and the fans’ hearts. It’s always good to score late because it usually decides the game,” Bellingham initially said.

The English star also spoke about the beginning of his career at Real Madrid.

“It’s even more special than I thought. I cringe talking about it now. I am very grateful to be in this club.”

“I talk about the staff and the players, but there are also fans, who when you arrive at the stadium are there in their thousands to see the bus and then they are inside before the warm-up.”

“You don’t really understand how big this club is until you’re here. It’s unbelievable. I’m normally shy… but I fit in really well here. I always go with a smile on my face”, concluded the Englishman.

Bellingham has now scored six goals in as many appearances for Los Blancos and is riding a remarkable upswing in form at the Royals.