Al Khelaifi responds to Messi: With all due respect, we are a French club

Leo Messi-PSG relations continue to be talked about even months after the Argentinian left this club after two years of stay.

The Argentinian had said days ago that he was “the only player who did not receive a reception from the club, of the 25 players who won the World Cup”.

A few days later, Al Khelaifi wanted to respond to the Argentine in a statement to the French media.

“There is a lot of talk outside, I don’t know what he did or what he didn’t say. As everyone saw, we also published a video, we congratulated Messi in training, even privately. But we need respect, we are a French club”, declared the president.

The high chief explained that they couldn’t have a big party in the stadium.

“We couldn’t celebrate after he beat France, it wouldn’t be good for his French teammates and our fans. It was delicate to celebrate in the stadium”, declared Al Khelaifi.