Ramy told Salah: I don’t think Liverpool will give us what we want

Ramy Abbas had concerns that he and Mohamed Salah would not agree a deal with Liverpool last year.

The agent’s concerns have come to light in an article published by Harvard University as part of a study into Abbas’ management of the Egyptian star.

Salah published the letter on his social media channels today.

Before he signed his new deal until 2025, it has been revealed that he and Abbas had concerns that the new deal would fail.

“I’m beginning to fear that we may not be able to reach an agreement on a new contract, Mohamed – their latest offer is still a long way from what we want,” Salah was told by Abbas in June 2022.

Salah showed full confidence in Abbas, replying: “We are partners. I know he will always do what is best for me.”

“I want to stay with Liverpool. But the club must show that they love me too,” said the Egyptian

Salah signed his new deal with the Reds in July last year until 2025.