Enrique: I believe

Luis Enrique spoke at a press conference before the return match against Juventus.
Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach thinks that hey can comeback in the match against Juventus, although they lost 3:0 in the first leg.

“The atmosphere against Juventus and PSG are similar. We won’t need four goals but 3. But, knowing the opponent and their attackers, I think we need five goals tomorrow. Need to attack from the start to motivate our fans at Camp Nou because everything is possible, “said Enrique.

“We are used to comebacks. We are convinced of what we should do and how to do. Maybe tomorrow is one of those games where players have to cool down and control the game. We do not have what to lose and we have no pressure. Opponents have semifinal in the pocket and can do whatever they want with their game, and we should just attack, “he said.

“Before the match against Paris Saint-Germain have said that you will be back in the game, do you believe that the same will happen tomorrow? Absolutely. Furthermore, it will be easier. PSG scored four goals, Juve three “he added.