The president of La Liga drops the ‘bombshell’: Barcelona could fall from La Liga


Barcelona continue to be under investigation for the Negreira case scandal, in which they were accused of bribing referees for several years.

The Catalan giant, despite having started the championship wonderfully, they can fall to the Segunda Divison and this has been confirmed by the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas.

The head of Spanish football has said that if evidence is found, then Barcelona will fall a category below.

“The penalty for the Negreira case ranges from a warning to relegation to the second division,” said La Liga president Javier Tebas during an interview with Movistar+.

“If the referee says so…then Barça will fall. This is decided by the judge, as he did with Elchen a few years ago. The only power I had was to condemn certain facts, and I would condemn them. Sanctions are not my responsibility.”


“The road is long, but there are behaviors that have no explanation, the procedures are being investigated. The club can be punished, but the directors can also be released. Everything is possible”, declared Tebas.

Several documents have reportedly been uncovered proving that Barça were not involved in any wrongdoing in the Negreira case and Barcelona have also strongly denied any wrongdoing.