The microphones reveal the words that Gavi said to Lewandowski during the match: Although 16 years younger, the Spaniard insults the Pole


Gavi is one of Barcelona’s greatest talents and is a footballer who is expected to be a future leader for the Catalans.

But currently Barcelona’s leader is Robert Lewandowski, with the Polish forward in his second year at Camp Nou.

Gavi and Lewandowski are two good friends, but in the match against Sevilla that Barcelona won 1-0, the Spanish midfielder criticized the Pole.

The microphones th at are around the field have revealed that DAZN also revealed the words of Gavi, who does not spare criticism of Lewandowski, and at one point even insulted him after the Pole caused a foul.


“Robert, dammit. You shouldn’t do it there, dammit. Fuck the man”, shouted Gavi in the direction of the poalak.

Gavi is only 19 years old or 16 years younger than Robert Lewandowski who has turned 35.

However, Barcelona fans are praising the Spanish midfielder for the leadership he has and who fights hard for the jersey.

However, the pair in question are close friends and the arguments inside the field seem very normal.