Thuram happy with the goals at Inter, says he has an excellent partnership with Lautaro

Inter defeated Benfica with a score of 1-0, taking the first victory in the Champions League groups this season.

The only goal in this duel was scored by the French striker Marcus Thuram, who is going through an excellent form.

After the match, the Frenchman said that they are very happy with the three points, but also with the scored goal.

“We are satisfied with the three points, it was important to win. We got three points in front of our fans and I am very happy tonight”, said Thuram after the match.

“The game looked cursed, it’s true, but we did it, even though we all could have done better. It was a challenge where not only me but Lautaro, Mikhitarian and everyone else could have found the goal after the chances we had. Of course, I’m happy that this victory carries my signature, but it’s important that Inter always get the maximum”, said Turam.

At the very end, the French striker also spoke about the excellent relationship he has with captain Lautaro Martinez.

“He is one of the best strikers in the world, I am learning to play with him and he with me. It is much easier to play with such players. You can always improve and we are all doing our best to always get positive results for Inter”.

“It’s time to take the matches one after the other and try to recover all our energies to be ready for the coach and for the busy calendar that awaits us after the return from the national team break”, concluded Turam.