Barcelona’s stadium is unrecognizable today: See how it looks after the start of the renovation


Barcelona’s players are playing their home games this season at their city’s Olympic Stadium, while the renovation of the iconic Camp Nou continues in full swing.

At the moment, the stadium looks more like a huge construction site where thousands of workers and machines work every day, but from which a spectacular football building will eventually emerge.

This summer, after financial problems, the bulldozers finally arrived at Camp Nou and started a new look project for the €1.45 billion stadium, which in the future will be similar to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium due to of the closed roof.

The new Camp Nou will look spectacular, and will have more green areas as well as more VIP space for events and other club needs.


A new third level of the stadium is also being proposed to club leaders, which would offer better access, greater comfort and more space.

One of the main priorities of the construction of the new stadium is sustainability, within which the use of bicycles and as few cars as possible is promoted, but there will still be 2,200 parking spaces.

According to the latest information, the complex project should be completed in 2026 and the plan is for Barcelona to return to the stadium with 50 percent capacity next season.