Ancelotti graduates from the University of Parma, the rector confirms his departure to Brazil

Paolo Andrei, rector of the University of Parma, prepared an emotional speech during the ceremony in which Carlo Ancelotti graduated as a master in Science and Techniques of Preventive and Appropriate Motor Activity.

Among his words of thanks and praise for his brilliant career, the following detail did not go unnoticed, where he confirmed his future.

“In 2024, an extraordinary adventure awaits Carlo Ancelotti, which for many coaches would only be a dream: the Brazilian bench,” said Andrei first.

“He is the first foreigner in the last sixty years to lead Brazil. The fourth in his entire history”.

“The admiration we feel for him is generalized and goes beyond any border or team. Carlos’ award will be the last award he gives”, concluded the rector.

Even Ancelotti, very excited, gave a speech to highlight the values that have made him reach the top and devote himself to football so successfully first as a player and then as a coach for 44 years. He did not refer, in any case, to his future at Real Madrid.

The coach ends his contract on June 30 and has already had to calm rumors of his departure to Brazil after Ednaldo Rodrigues, the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, assured on July 5 that Ancelotti will now lead the Canarinha team for the Copa America that will to be held starting June 20, 2024. Something that was later confirmed last August.