The difficult situation between Palestine and Israel – Elneny’s reaction on social networks causes a stir


Mohamed Elneny has shown his support for Palestine through social networks after the Egyptian midfielder’s profile picture on Instagram was changed to that of their flag.

The move comes after Hamas terrorists launched rocket attacks on Israel and overran parts of the country, killing civilians and kidnapping others.

Elneny’s change to his profile comes just days after his teammate Oleksandr Zinchenko decided to restrict his Instagram account from the public after he was targeted by social medi a stings after he wrote: “I’m with Israel.”


The Egyptian international also posted a message of support for Palestine in 2021, tweeting: “My heart and soul and my support for you Palestine,” followed by a photo of the Palestinian flag and a peace emoji.

Arsenal confirmed at the time that they had spoken to Elneny about the ‘wider implications’ of his pro-Palestinian social media post, which provoked concern from club sponsor Lavazza.

They told Sky Sports News at the time: ‘As with any Arsenal employee, our players have the right to express their views on their platforms.’

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the post provoked anger among Jewish Arsenal fans because it included an image called ‘Palestinian Lives Matter’, which featured an outline of Israel filled with pro-Palestinian imagery.

Meanwhile, Jewish Gooners, a Twitter account for Jewish fans who support Arsenal, has condemned the football world’s silence on the ongoing conflict.

Elneny, i cili ka 5.4 milionë ndjekës në Instagram, duket se ka treguar mbështetjen e tij për Palestinën