Who are the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic organization that Benzema is associated with?


The Minister of the Interior of France, Gerald Darmanin, has accused Karim Benzema of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood group, which is considered a terrorist organization in countries such as France, the United States of America, Russia or Egypt (but not in Spain).

Darmanin has not been very clear in his argument against the player as he has not provided any evidence and the media is still trying to establish whether the player has links to terrorism.

“We have closed more than 1,100 Islamic centers and I am specifically referring to Mr. Karim Benzema who has notorious ties, as we all know, to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“We attack an organization that is the Muslim Brotherhood that generates a jihadist atmosphere,” the French interior minister, Darman, has severely accused the former Real Madrid player.

Who are the Muslim Brotherhood with which the French minister connects Benzema?

The Muslim Brotherhood was born in 1928 in Egypt, in Ismailia, northeast of Cairo, on the banks of the Suez Canal. Founded by Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna, the Sunni reformist organization set itself two precise objectives: to liberate the country from the British and to take power in an Egypt once again impregnated with the values of Islam.


The Muslim Brotherhood became known by organizing charitable and social activities aimed at both the working and middle classes. This program gave a privileged place to religion, thanks to a popular educational movement that aimed to guarantee the regeneration of Islam. A key investment in the eyes of Hassan Al-Banna, training teacher.

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the oldest and largest Islamic organizations in the Arab and Muslim world, they have a wide network of supporters and members stretching from Egypt to other countries.