Why Milan may not be punished for Tonal’s betting on football matches


Newcastle United fans are questioning whether the club could sue Milan over Sandro Tonali, who is accused of betting, but convincing evidence is needed to prove the Reds knew he was betting.

The player made the move to the Premier League in the summer for €80m but will be banned for at least 12 months after admitting placing bets on illegal sites, including on his own team.

There are several reasons why he is facing a significantly longer sentence than Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli.

Tonali was put under investigation before he confessed to the authorities and, unlike Fagioli, he also bet for Milan.

However, since the bets were to win and not lose, he cannot be accused of possible match-fixing or trying to influence the outcome.

Juve have so far been the only club to make a public statement about their player’s involvement in the betting scandal, and that’s because they were openly accused by columnist Fabrizio Corona of knowing Fagioli was gambling.


The Athletic spoke to Dr Greg Ioannidis, a barrister and professor of clinical sports law at Sheffield Hallam University, who insisted there would need to be a lot of evidence that Milan were aware of Tonali’s bets for the club to be prosecuted or punished.

The players under investigation have all admitted to betting on sites and apps using their phones and computers, so the idea that clubs would be aware of this behavior in their spare time is extremely unlikely.