Musiala sets a difficult condition for Bayern to renew his contract – if it is not fulfilled he will leave

Jamal Musiala is Bayern’s future, but negotiations over a new contract have been suspended.

The talented German midfielder is one of the Bavarians’ key players, however his future remains unclear after the suspension of new contract talks.

The German daily Sport Bild has brought new behind-the-scenes information about the talks between the parties for the player’s new contract.

In fact, the German talent has set a condition for Bayern to renew the contract, a condition that is very difficult to fulfill.

Still according to Bild, Musiala has demanded a salary of 20 million euros gross per season in order to be the second highest paid player at the club after England’s Harry Kane.

In addition to the high salary, Musiala has asked for a more important role in the club and Bayern must meet these two conditions to sit again at the negotiating table.

The 20-year-old currently earns only 2.6 million euros net per season, or 11 million less than the highest-paid player in the Bavarians, Harry Kane.

However, if the Bavarians do not meet these conditions, then Musiala will ask to leave the Allianz Arena, where top European teams are monitoring his situation.

Real Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester United are some of the big clubs that want his services.