Gundogan hits his teammates after losing in El Clasico: I didn’t like what I saw in the dressing room

Ilkay Gundogan was undoubtedly Barcelona’s main player and the best on the field against Real Madrid.

The German midfielder scored the only goal in the Catalans’ 1-2 defeat by Los Blancos.

However, the German representative was disappointed with the reaction of his teammates after the loss, saying that the disappointment after such a loss should be greater.

“I didn’t come here to lose these kinds of matches. I have to be honest, I would like this defeat to hurt us more.”

“I was in the dressing room and of course people are disappointed, but especially after losing such a big game, I wish there was more disappointment and anger,” said Gundogan.

Furthermore, the midfielder said that there should be more emotion in his teammates, especially after such a defeat in El Clasico.

“This is a problem. There should be more excitement, especially when you lose such a big game. You know you can do better, especially in certain situations, and you just don’t react.”

“We have to take a big step in this, otherwise Real Madrid or even Girona will run away from us”, declared the German midfielder.

Gundogan is angry because he did not see great anger in his teammates after the bitter defeat in El Clasico.