Xavi highlighted two key issues for the players in the El Clasico defeat to Real Madrid

The coach of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandez, has shown his team the two points where he was not satisfied after the defeat in El Clasico.

Barcelona star Ilkay Gundogan wasn’t the only one to criticize his side against Real Madrid last weekend as they lost 2-1 at Montjuic.

Ahead of Gundogan’s candid talks with the squad, Xavi Hernandez spoke to them about the mistakes they made in the match, despite telling the press after El Clasico that if either side deserved to win, it was them.

According to Mundo Deportivo newspaper, Xavi watched the game the next day and spoke to his team about the mistakes they made.

There were two key areas he pointed out that caused them problems: the end of possession in the first half, or their inability to capitalize on their lead, and their inability to react to Los Blancos’ pressure in the latter half of the game.

It’s impossible to know how detailed or what Xavi specifically mentioned about these two problems, but they are pretty obvious conclusions to draw.

The sign of improvement will be seen against Real Sociedad, if Barcelona are able to withstand the control from the Basque side, should they lose it, before it damages them.