UEFA rejects Barcelona’s appeal after the Catalans were fined a six-figure sum


UEFA’s financial body has rejected an appeal from Barcelona after the club was fined €500,000 for misreporting their financial results.

The Catalan club have been in a turbulent period off the pitch and were told by European football’s governing body in July this year that they had breached Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

Barcelona were joined by Manchester United who also received a heavy bill, with the Catalan side having to pay half a million euros, while United were fined 300,000 euros.

The First Chamber of the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has upheld the decision, despite an appeal by the La Liga giants, which was rejected by UEFA.

Barcelona was fined for “misreporting” in last year’s financial results with “profits from the disposal of intangible assets (except player transfers) which are not relevant income according to the regulations.”


The Catalan club tried to fight the fine with an appeal, which was rejected.

Barcelona said during the summer that they would appeal the decision described as a “disproportionate” decision and that if necessary they would take measures up to the last level (Court of Sports Arbitration), if necessary.

United’s fine was also upheld, while the likes of Milan, Roma, Inter and PSG met their targets for 2022, but their situation will be ‘continuously monitored’ next season.