Real Madrid closes the door to new transfers in the January window


In the last week, there have been rumors about new Real Madrid transfers in the transfer window that will start on January 2nd and will end as soon as the month of February begins.

The leaders of the Madrid club apparently have no plans to strengthen the team. Sources within the club have said that there is no possibility of Real Madrid making any move. There is faith in the current squad and what they can deliver.

The first who is believed to have announced this is Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian believes in his players, in what they can do, how far they can go, assuring the club bosses of his team’s success.

Potential injury problems that may arise will be rectified by the players who are currently at the club, thus hinting that there is a large number of footballers.


As for departures, the managers and the coaching staff think the same way, it will be the players themselves who will decide what will happen with their future, since at Real Madrid they have not shown anyone the exit door so far.

Earlier it was said that Ceballos and Nacho would leave the Madrid camp but in the end the Spanish duo decided to renew their contracts with the Spanish giant.

Real Madrid has a bad experience with January transfers, so they don’t prefer to make any moves this term.

Adebayor, Brahim, Lucas Silva, Reinier and Gravesen are some of the players who were transferred from “Los Blancos” in the January deadline, but without being able to leave much of a mark.