The emotional letter that Luis Diaz sent to his father’s kidnappers is published


Luis Diaz has returned to the pitch to play for Liverpool after being absent for around a week following the traumatic events that happened in his family.

His father and mother were kidnapped in Colombia, while the mother has been released, his father has been held hostage for about 10 days.

Diaz scored a beautiful goal to avoid Liverpool’s defeat at Luton, before revealing a text on his shirt asking for freedom for his father.

Now, a week after his father’s abduction, the Liverpool forward has published a letter to his captors, following his return to the pitch.

“Today’s player Lucho Díaz, son of Luis Manuel Díaz, is not speaking here. Mane, my father, a hardworking man, the pillar of the family… he has now been kidnapped.”


“I ask the ELN to release my father as soon as possible, I also ask the international associations to work on this to guarantee his freedom”.

“Every second, every minute that passes we are more worried. There are no words to describe the terrible feelings of our family and it will be the same as long as he is not back home.”

“Please release my father now, respecting his integrity. I want to thank all Colombians and also the international community for the support you have given me,” said Luis Diaz’s letter.

Reports from Colombia say it is crucial days as there are high hopes of freeing the Liverpool striker’s father.