The children are suing the former Ballon d’Or winner and demanding huge damages

Ruud Gullit, one of the most famous and successful athletes in the Netherlands, is now facing serious accusations from his own children, who are demanding financial compensation of 500,000 euros.

As the Italian daily La Repubblica writes, his two children Quincy Georges (32) and Cheyenne Dil (29) are suing Gulli because seven years ago he stopped paying maintenance to his ex-wife, the Italian model Cristina Pensa.

The children now demand about 500,000 euros from Gullit and his son Quincy has no contact with his father at all.

The former Milan player has disappeared early from the lives of his children, with whom he does not speak, does not write and does not even respond to their wishes for the end of the year holidays.

“It is clear that money can help us, but there should also be revenge on a moral level. He disappeared when I was five, reappeared when I was 12, and then disappeared again,” Quincy had said.

Gullit, who for many years played for Milan in Italy, was named the best player in the world in 1987 and a year later, as captain, led the Dutch national team to the title of European champion.