Donnarumma is ‘covered with money’ – Milan fans erupt in San Siro against the goalkeeper

Milan ultras not only printed ‘one million’ fake banknotes to throw at Gianluigi Donnarumma, they also wrote an open letter about why they feel so betrayed by his move to PSG.

This is his first return to the stadium as an opponent since leaving on a free transfer to join PSG in the summer of 2021, when he turned down a new contract.

He was met with loud jeers and insults during the warm-up and when the match started.

Distributing thousands of fake banknotes, the Milan ultras also wrote an open letter to Donnarumma in their fanzine.

“Dear mercenary… Being the romantic dreamers that we are, we Milanistas expected Gianluigi Donnarumma to behave like an avowed Rossoneri fan. We expected gratitude from someone who, like us, said that he only had Milan in his heart, although he is aware that in today’s football it is difficult to resist certain calls”, their letter said.

“Certainly Milan also deserved recognition from Donnarumma for everything the club had done for him, after choosing him, raising him and starting his career in Serie A. Milan, which in the years when it negotiated with Donnarumma was in financial difficulties, could would have earned a significant amount from his sale, if he had not tried in every way to leave as a free agent”.

“If he had allowed Milan to profit from his sale, Donnarumma would have shown his recognition and even love for the Diavolo, albeit in an unusual way, to thank those who made his childhood dreams come true.”

“But the story went in a different way from what we hoped and deserved, as we were taken for a ride, with Milan being forced to abandon an investment it had been working on.”

“For tonight we printed a million fake notes to throw at Donnarumma. If the goalkeeper is under the Curva Sud in the first half, in the 10th minute to score the 10 million he received to go to Paris, we will throw”.

“If Donnarumma is under the Curva Sud in the second half, it will be shortly before the restart,” their letter further stated.

The Ultras emphasized that they will use the money collected from these printed dollars to give to local football schools.