Mbappe’s epic reaction after Milan fans threw money at Donnarumman


Gianluigi Donnarumma did not have the best reception possible at the San Siro in the match against his former team AC Milan.

The Rossoneri beat Paris Saint Germain 2-1 as Donnarumma was pelted with dollars by home fans in protest at his departure in 2021.

The fans nicknamed him ‘Dollarumma’ because he did not sign a new contract with Milan, which meant the club missed out on a huge transfer fee.

Dollarumma’s money was thrown away after Milan ultras sent a message to Donnarumma shortly before the game.

According to Football Italia, the fans wrote: “We expected gratitude from someone who, like us, said he only had Milan in his heart, although aware that in today’s football it is difficult to resist certain calls”.


“Certainly Milan also deserved recognition from Donnarumma for everything the club had done for him, after choosing him, raising him and starting his career in Serie A”.

During the moment when the money was falling in the direction of Donnaruma, the cameras also captured Mbappe’s reaction to the “Dollarumma” money.

The Frenchman laughed and lowered his head in what seemed like a funny gesture.