Al-Hilal suspends the injured Neymar indefinitely


Al-Hilal are said to have suspended striker Neymar Junior so that the Brazilian would no longer occupy a place as a foreigner in the squad.

Regulations allow clubs to have a maximum of eight players from outside Saudi Arabia and Al-Hilal have already reached that threshold.

According to, as Neymar will miss the entire season due to a serious injury, the Saudi giant has indefinitely suspended Neymar’s registration until he recovers.


Al-Hilal plan to bring in a new foreigner in the left-back position and then, when Neymar is fit to play again, they will sell a player to make room for him in the squad.

With the contract suspended, Al-Hilal will have to find another way to pay Neymar’s huge salary of €150 million a year, plus €50 million in commercial bonuses.

As a reminder, Al-Hilal paid PSG 100 million euros for Neymar this summer, and his contract with the Saudi club runs until June 30, 2025.