Ronaldo bought a media company that sued him 11 times, immediately rewarded the employees

The Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to make a new business venture by buying the media company Cofina Media and it is interesting that he has previously sued it 11 times.

According to unofficial information, Ronaldo allocated 57 million euros for the purchase of Cofina Media and with the first move he made won the hearts of the employees.

Accordingly, Ronaldo immediately decided to hand each worker a check worth 1250 euros.

“Employees were notified by e-mail about the payments and this was a sign of gratitude for being part of this great company,” Portuguese media reports.

Previously, the journalists of this Portuguese media house often “digging” into Ronaldo’s private life, for this reason he sued them 11 times. In the end, he decided to buy the whole company and solve all the problems.

“The only change will be the name of the company. It will now be called Expressao Livre. We are ashamed of everything that happened, but no one is afraid that he will lose his job.”

“We are aware that we have often harassed him, but he understands our work. They are especially happy for our sports journalists,” said an insider from Cofina Media.