“Talk to the media and speak Spanish,” Bale advises Bellingham

Jude Bellingham’s start to the season at Real Madrid is having a big impact in the UK. The medium takes on British pride at the Royals, where Gareth Bale played for a decade.

The Welshman was a key player in winning four Champions Leagues, with goals in three finals, but he has made no secret of his struggles during his time at the Bernabeu. The problems stem above all from his relationship with the Spanish media.

So Bale, retired since January 2023, knows exactly what advice Bellingham would give him to succeed at Real Madrid.

“The biggest advice is to play the Madrid game. “If you don’t play it, do what the media wants, talk to them, you’re basically a puppet, you’re going to take a lot of hits,” Bale initially said.

“Act like this, do what the press wants. That was probably my problem, because I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted to play football and go home.”

“It made things difficult for me and made them attack me a little bit more. So what you have to do is talk after the games and make sure you speak in Spanish…” concluded the star from Wales.

Bale does not want Bellingham to make the same mistakes that plagued the Welshman during his long and successful time at Madrid, in which he had no problem communicating with his team-mates but kept his public appearances to a minimum before the media.