“These young people learn to respect”, Messi says about Ugarte’s gesture and words

Lionel Messi has spoken about Manuel Ugarte’s gesture in Argentina’s lost match against Uruguay in the framework of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Argentina were beaten 2-0 at home by Uruguay with goals scored by Ronald Araujo and Darein Nunez.

However, the match was full of tensions and penalties from both teams, where there were also occasional clashes.

One such happened when the Uruguayan midfielder, Ugarte, addressed Rodrigo De Pauli with dirty words and a heavy gesture about Messi.

The PSG star called him a “Messi sucker”, making an ugly gesture that resembles the act he was “accusing” him of.

After the match, Argentina captain Messi was not happy about Ugarte’s behaviour, suggesting he needed to “learn respect”.

“I prefer not to say what I think about certain gestures. But these young people must learn to respect their elders”.

“This game has always been intense and difficult, but always with a lot of respect. They need to learn a little,” said Messi.