Messi removes Garnachon from his list of followers because of his stance on Ronaldo


Lionel Messi has removed Alejandro Garnachon from his followers list because of the Manchester United star’s attitude towards Cristiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand has said.

Garnacho has caught the attention of the entire sporting community around the world after his sensational scissor goal against Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday.

The acrobatic teenager managed to beat Jordan Pickford who was left with no choice after that shot and then performed Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic celebration.

Garnacho is known as a person who openly expresses his admiration for Ronaldo, where he has publicly admitted that the five-time Golden Ball winner is his idol.

It was the former defender of United, Rio Ferdinand, who said that Messi removed Garnachon from the list of followers on social networks, because of his support for Ronaldo.


“You know what I love most about him? He doesn’t care about anything. Garnacho told me that Messi removed him from the list of followers only because he does not keep the fact that he likes Ronaldo a secret”, said Ferdinand in the podcast ‘Vibe with Five’.

In April of last year, Garnacho had posted a photo with Messi on social networks, referring to him only as “idol”.

In the end, Ferdinand was asked to choose between Garnacho’s goal and Rooney’s goal against Man City in 2011 with the Englishman not hesitating to choose the Argentine’s goal.