“I fought to sign him, everyone was against”, Maldini criticizes Milan for the sale of Tonali


The former technical director of Milan, Paolo Maldini, has said that he would have fought hard to stop the departure of Sandro Tonali to Newcastle United.

Maldini initially signed Tonali for the Rossoneri, but this summer the Italian was allowed to leave for the English club for around 80 million euros.

However, despite the big sale, Maldini has spoken out against it, as his purchase was highly targeted and he fought hard to get it.

“We would have done everything possible to not let him leave, even in the face of such an important offer,” Maldini initially told 

La Repubblica .

“We’ve never been completely against selling one of our key players, but there hasn’t been a real need either.”

“I like to remember that we spent an amount equal to about a fifth of the transfer fee to sign Tonali from Brescia.”

“I remember having to fight with the director and the owners… none of them wanted to buy him, even the scouting area was against the signing,” the Italian concluded.