Mac Allister reveals the reason for Nunez’s clash with Guardiola


Alexis McAllister has revealed what really happened in the clash between Pep Guardiola and Darwin Nunez when the two teams met earlier this season.

Mac Allister explained that his teammate Nunez reacted quickly and hastily to a comment made by Guardiola after the end of the match.

Nunez responded angrily and made a move towards Guardiola before being stopped by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

“I don’t know if it was a corner kick or a cross when Haaland hit the ball with his head and it went close to the post. Pep came back and kept saying how lucky we were or something like that,” said Mac Allister.

“Then in the last action, the ball was crossed into the area and Diaz headed it but it was stopped. Then Darwin says to Guardiola, ‘Now you are the lucky ones'”.


“I was laughing too. If I knew how serious it was, of course I wouldn’t smile like that. But nothing made me laugh more than the fact that Darwin got angry so quickly,” said the Argentine.

Nunez is known as a guy who quickly loses his temper, so we can say that Klopp’s intervention was decisive to avoid a more unpleasant situation between him and Guardiola.

Liverpool take on Fulham at Anfield today (Sunday), while Guardiola’s City take on Tottenham in a bid to bounce back from Arsenal’s win over Wolves on Saturday.