Juventus are targeting the transfer of two Manchester United stars with a ridiculous offer


Juventus have been closely monitoring Manchester United’s talented English striker Jadon Sancho for a long period of time.

However, in recent days a new name has appeared on the Italian team’s target list: Dutch midfielder Donny van de Beek, also a member of Manchester United.

According to the latest information from the British Isles, the English club is considering the possibility of selling both players for a figure that is rumored to be around 30 million euros.

Juventus’ interest in Jadon Sancho is not surprising given his undeniable talent and versatility on the pitch.

Sancho, who joined Manchester United in the summer of 2021 for a club-record fee, has faced challenges adapting to t he Premier League but he has now been ruled out by manager Erik Ten Hag who does not count on his services and Juventus is trying to use this for his transfer.


On the other hand, Dutch midfielder Donny van de Beek has had limited time on the pitch since his arrival at Manchester United in 2020.

His ability to distribute the ball and his vision in the game make him an attractive target for Juventus. seeks to strengthen its midfield.

Thus, the whites from Turin will try to transfer the two stars of United for 30 million euros in January with the sole purpose of getting their careers back on track after the transfer to Italy.