UEFA sells the Champions League to the Arabs

The Champions League final for the 2029/30 season will be played in Abu Dhabi as part of UEFA’s new six-year contract with the wealthy country worth 2.2 billion euros, writes Spanish OK Diario.

This agreement with the Emirates is a response to the court decision regarding the Super League project, which is expected soon in Luxembourg and will be valid from next season.

“UEFA knows that on December 21 it may lose the lawsuit at the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the Super League and agreed with Abu Dhabi to sponsor the Champions League. They want to make it more attractive to clubs and avoid relegation to the Champions League. Superliga”, said Eduardo Inda in the show El Chiringuito de Jugones.

The decision must be formalized at the next UEFA executive committee meeting in Paris on February 7 before the draw for the fourth edition of the Nations League.

UEFA’s point man for project execution is deputy general secretary Giorgio Marchetti who consults with the executive committee to ensure everything goes smoothly.

According to Spanish media, UEFA will sell the rights to all UEFA competitions, including women’s and futsal, to the Middle East.