Chelsea has put up for sale, Marc Cucurella towards the return to La Liga


Marc Cucurella made a lot of noise with the transfer to Chelsea in the summer of 2022 from Brigh ton for the amount of 65 million euros.


However, the Spanish defender has not managed to leave a mark at Stamford Bridges and his departure from the Londoners is inevitable.

The Spanish representative is injured and will be out of action for several months, on the other hand, Chelsea is trying to get rid of him.

Although the initial periods of Cucurella’s recovery were not encouraging, the latest information suggests that he may return in mid-February, advancing the expected times.

This fact has aroused the interest of Sevilla, whose new coach is looking to strengthen the defensive line with an experienced full-back.

The signing, although risky due to Cucurella’s injury, presents itself as an opportunity for Sevilla.

Cucurella will not be immediately available, the player is expected to recover quickly and contribute his experience at the crucial stage of the season.

Although his contract with Chelsea runs until 2028, the lack of opportunities in the English team and relationship with the manager could pave the way for a deal with Sevilla.

Sevilla are targeting his six-month loan with the right to buy for €25 million, a sum that is far less than what Chelsea paid a year and a half ago.