Saudi team to “steal” Real Madrid key player for $100M

Saudi Arabia is making significant efforts to strengthen their football league by bringing in top players from around the world.

In that context, a revelation made by El Chiringuito TV reports that one of the Saudi clubs, Al Nassr, has a big plan in the works.

They are planning to make an incredible offer to Real Madrid defender Antonio Rudiger. It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s side is ready to offer him a contract that would last for four years, and they are willing to pay him an astonishing €100 million for this period.

This huge amount of money shows just how serious they are about getting Rudiger to join their team.

Currently, Rudiger is under contract with Real Madrid until 2026 after joining the Spanish giants from Chelsea in 2022.

Although he faced some initial challenges adapting to his new team, he has since become a vital part of Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.

The German international has not only proven his worth on the field but has also become a favourite among fans and a respected figure in the locker room.

Antonio Rudiger has a contract with Real Madrid until 2026. (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP via Getty Images)
During the 2023/24 season, the defender’s significance was made evident as he played a crucial role in Real Madrid’s successful Champions League campaign, showcasing his defensive prowess by effectively neutralizing threats from top players like Erling Haaland.

Rudiger’s contribution to Real Madrid goes beyond his defensive skills. He made an impressive 48 appearances for the team this season, playing over 4000 minutes.

This level of involvement underscores how indispensable he is to Ancelotti’s plans. Even at 31 years old, Rudiger is still at the peak of his career.

Ambition over money benefits?
At 31 years old, Rudiger is expected to maintain his high level of performance for at least the next three to four seasons.

However, if he chooses to move to the Saudi league, he might be giving up the chance to compete for more Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

In conclusion, while Al Nassr’s offer is incredibly lucrative, Rudiger will need to weigh the financial benefits against the opportunity to continue achieving success with Real Madrid.

His decision will not only impact his career but also influence Real Madrid’s defensive lineup in the coming seasons.