According to Spanish media: Real Madrid will sell Ronaldo before the start of 2018/2019 season


Real Madrid wants to keep Ronaldo for another season and sell him before the start of 2018/2019 season.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored and missed a penalty in Real Madrid’s difficult 2-1 victory over Valencia on Saturday at Santiago Bernabeu.

The former Manchester United star is going through one of the toughest seasons, with only 32 goals in 40 appearances.

Despite his impressive statistics and breaking records, the 32-year-old is expected to finish the season with the lowest number of goals scored since 2010 when he finished with 33 goals (the first year in Madrid).


According to Spanish media, Real Madrid thinks that Ronaldo is not the same like previous seasons and are thinking of how to benefit from him.

“Diario Gol” reports that “Los Blancos” will keep him in Madrid just for the next season.

The club’s number one, Florentino Perez, is thinking of selling him before the start of the 2018/2019 season. Possible destination could be China, where the Portuguese would become the most paid player in the world.