“When I played in the World Cup, Mbappe was not born yet”

Gigi Buffon has a great respect for Monaco, but Juventus goalkeeper talked about Kylian Mbappe. The first match of the Champions League semi-final will be played at Stade Louis II on Wednesday. “I will tell you a little secret,” Buffon told UEFA.com. “Around the 30th minute of the match Monaco vs Manchester City, I sent a message to my manager saying, ‘This team can go to the final, they are wonderful.’ This shows how much we respect the opponent. They are not a team that reached luckily to the semifinals. Monaco plays a attacking and spectacular football, having quality in several positions and a lot of experience. ”

“I think it will be a match as difficult as  against Barcelona. Mbappe was born in 1998, or? I played in France 1998 World Cup before he was born. This is the beautiful moment of a player who plays for many years like me. Get the chance to know players who were not born yet when I had not achieved so much in my career. It’s stimulating when you know you’ll be facing next Lionel Messi . Perhaps in 10 years, when I have to put my shoes on the nail, he will be an undisputed champion and I will have the memory of him playing against him. In any case, Mbappe is an incredible talent and looks like a good guy and I hope he has a great career. “