Marca reveals Barcelona’s new coach


Madrid’s sports daily Marca has revealed that current Athletic Bilbao coach, is expected to take over Barcelona.

“All the roads lead to Valverde”, wrote Marca.

Since Luis Enrique has announced the departure from Barcelona, Valverdes was immoderately linked with the Catalan team.

Meanwhile Mundo Deportivo has revealed that Barcelona leaders on May 29 will reveal the names of the coaches on the list.


Barcelona on May 27 will play the last game of the season against Alves in the Copa del Rey final, and from 28 May the team will be on vacation.

So, on May 29, the mission for the new coach will begin.

Beside Ernesto Valverdes, the candidates for taking Barcelona are: Roland Koeman, Juan Carlos Unzué, Eusebio Sacristán and Roberto Martinez.