Ronaldo or Buffon? Xavi tells who deserves the Golden Ball


Xavi Hernandez believes Gianluigi Buffon deserves the title of the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or award.
Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez believes Juventus and Real Madrid have equal opportunities in the Champions League final.

But he hopes that Juventus will win this trophy , as they are very strong team.

Xavi hopes Gianluigi Buffon will win this title, and also hopes to win the Golden Ball.

“Juventus is a very strong team and this was shown by eliminating Barcelona because they have good defense. I see the final 50:50, ” said Xavi.

“I read that Buffon has never won the Champions League. He deserves it and the Golden Ball as well. ”

Buffon this season in Champions League has conceded only 3 goals in 12 matches, less than any other goalkeeper.