Real or Barcelona? This team has the most fans in Spain

Real Madrid is the team with the highest number fans in Spain, where every third person in Spain is a fan of this team.
According to an AIMC study, Real Madrid is the team that has the highest number of fans in Spain, leaving behind Barcelona.

32.4 percent of are declared fans of the European champions, leaving Barcelona behind with 8 percent less 24.7.

In the third place, Atletico Madrid is ranked 7.6 percent, while Valencia is second with 4.1 percent and Athletic Bilbao in the fourth place with 3.9 percent.

Real Madrid is also the team that sells most products in Spain, where 26.5 percent of Spaniards buy Ronaldo or Ramos shirt, while Barcelona sell 21.3 percent.

We recall that these two teams are fighting for La Liga Champions title.