Ronaldo: I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil

Cristiano Ronaldo was the absolute protagonist of the mixed zone in La Rosaleda after winning the title in La Liga.
Real Madrid won the title in Spain for the first time in five years. Los Blancos reached this in the last lap of La Liga, who despite needed a point to be declared champion, they won against Malaga (2: 0).

Four times winner of the “Golden Ball” gave a long interview after La Liga triumph, where he talked about the situation created in Vigo, he addressed to Celta player that ‘was paid only to injury him ‘.

“People talk about me like I am criminal, I’m not an angel, but I’m not a devil either,” he began his interview with journalists in Portugal referring to Celta Vigo player that tried to injury him.

“What happened at Celta Vigo? People talk about me and know nothing about me, I do not see television because if I did, I would not have life, so much talk about me,for football and outside football, talk about me like I am a criminal ” , He added.

“When people talk about Cristiano, they’re wrong, about football and out of football. Football criticism does not bother me because I think that people are never silent, they always say what they think at the moment, “said CR7.

“I’m not an angel, not a devil, just as many people say. I do not like this because I have a family, a mother, a boy and I do not like being equal me with others when they do stupid thing because I do not do them, “Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo later also talked about triumph in Spain, revealing that La Liga has been a top priority since the start of the season.

“Since the beginning of the season we wanted to win La Liga and we are happy,” said Ronaldo.

“Very pleased, a spectacular final season, the best of recent years, a more intelligent season, with the help of the coach and players who have played less, it has been perfect. We have made a preparation for the final phase of the season because we knew it would be important, we had good matches, “he added.

Ronaldo also spoke about the “Golden Ball”.

“Golden Ball? Everything helps but I’m not worried, trophies are won with the help of teammates. La Liga is everyone’s, “added Ronaldo.

“We know it will be a very difficult final but we will now enjoy La Liga title after five years,” the man who broke all the records at Real Madrid said.