What Is The Purpose Of Video Technology If It’s Not Used?


The use of video technology has (not) occurred at the Confederations Cup.

For years many football fans have called for the introduction of video technology into the game, its implementation did not pass without controversy. The technology known as VAR (video assistant referee) is being tested at the Confederations Cup – two referees in a specially equipped room watch the controversial situation on the monitors and help the lead referee in making the right decisions.

Therefore it remains unclear why VAR was not used in the controversial situation in the 113th minute of the semifinals between Chile and Portugal. Jose Fonte knocked down Mauricio Silva in the penalty area and although there was some contact, the referee decided not to point at the penalty spot.

This is a classic case where VAR should have been used because that situation could have decided the game. The mystery remains why the Iranian referee Alireza Faghani did not ask for the help of VAR and why didn’t they tell him it was a penalty.

Fortunately for the referee, Chile eventually won after the penalty shoot-out thanks to the amazing Bravo, but it could have been a lot worse. Video technology has undoubtedly failed in its big test, and coordination between referees will have to be better because this is precisely the situation why this technology was introduced in the first place. FIFA certainly dodged a bullet here. If Chile were knocked out, the controversial situation would certainly turn into a big scandal.