Cristiano Ronaldo case, his future and La Liga reputation!


After the case that Spain had against Lionel Messi now there is another case against Cristiano Ronaldo as he is accused of hiding 14.8 million euro taxes from the incomes that he has gain in Real Madrid.

As the player has told that there is no reason for him to hide the taxes and he addressed this issues as a big problem to Spanish institutions.



His first reaction was that if the court insist to pursuit him then he will be forced to leave Spain and transfer in other country. But would this be good for Spanish football!? Not at all.

If only because of the rigid Spanish tax institutions Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid, this would be a huge hit for La Liga. If Ronaldo leaves Spain then at least in the next couple of season until the tax “issues” are getting fix it will be unable to see top class player in La Liga.


So, in our analyze we believe that Spain would have to change the way on accusing football players for tax fraud as this is not a problem only for Real Madrid and Ronaldo (that might be at the moment problem), but this will be a future problem for the whole Spanish football.


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