Real Madrid, The Most Valuable Squad in the World


Real Madrid have a great squad as they showed last season winning La Liga and the Champions League. Florentino Pérez can be proud of himself because he was able to build a great squad with successful players who can win titles for the club.

Now, the website transfermarkt, especialized in the transfer market, published a report with the most valuable squads all over the world. Los Blancos are also leaders in this table, beating FC Barcelona or Bayern Múnich.

According to transfermarkt, Real Madrid squad value is €783,3M. Los Blancos started the season with the value of €764,3M, but after this successful year, the price of the players has increased. The second in this list is FC Barcelona with €733M, followed by Bayern Munich (€566,1M) and Manchester City (€553,2M).


Zidane’s arrival was very good news for Real Madrid. Apart from the titles he’s won in the club, the value of the squad has also increased. At the beginning of 2016, the value was €722,8M and now €783,3M, so the squad is now more expensive with a difference of €60.5M.


The most valuable player is Cristiano Ronaldo, with a price of €100M, followed by Gareth Bale (€80M) and Karim Benzema (€60M). So only the BBC has a price of €240M. The player whose value has increased the most from the beginning of the season is Toni Kroos. Now, the German midfielder has a price of €70M and in September his price was €55M. Nacho started with a value of €5M and now he has a price of €15M and Casemiro started with €20M and now he has a price of €30M.



Here is a list with the most valuable squads:

Real Madrid €783,3M
FC Barcelona €733M
Bayern Munich €566,1M
Manchester City €553,2M
Atlético Madrid €502,5M
Manchester United €476,5M
PSG €462,6M
Juventus €473,8M