Modric reveals Madrid secret

Luka Modric has revealed the secret to Real Madrid’s success. “We learned that the team were more important than anything else.”

Madrid won their first League and European Cup double in 59 years last season, as well as becoming the first club to defend the Champions League in the modern era.

“Key to last season’s Double? We had a very big team. For me, the credit belonged to the Coach,” the midfielder told Marca.

“He knew how to get the best out of every player, and that helped us a lot to reach the end of the season in top form. We were all at a high level.

“Last season was different to years gone by as we’d sometimes get a little tired at the end. Now with all these rotations…

“It also helped the Coach because any player who entered the team did well and helped the team, so it was easier to do what Zidane wanted. They were the keys to winning the Double.

“The best team I’ve played in? It’s difficult to say, but when you see what we’ve won, you could say it is. Each of the 24 had tremendous quality.

“What I learned last season? Nothing special. To me, it only reinforced the idea that the team were more important than anything else.

“Every player and person around the team is very important. From the get-go, the coach wanted to send this message and we learned it.

“What I’ve been left with from my three CL wins? The team’s character, their spirit, never giving up.

“When you look at how we won, especially the first two in Lisbon and Milan…

“In the first one, we almost lost, but we never stopped believing that we could change the situation.

“Then that character, being calm in moments like during the penalty shootout at San Siro.

“And in the third, all this and our tremendous quality. That’s what I’ve been left with.”