The New number ‘10’ Star for Zidane


The number ‘10’ in football is reserved to stars. Usually, the best player of the team, the playmaker wears it on his t-shirt and now this number is vacant at Real Madrid. With James Rodríguez departure, Los Blancos need a player who takes responsibility for it and Marco Asensio is the chosen one.

Luis Figo, Mesut Özil or James Rodríguez wore this number at Real Madrid. Now, the Colombian playmaker is gone to Bayern Munich, but Los Blancos supporters shouldn’t be worried because there are many players who can take over his role in the squad.

Isco has similar skills and he showed he can do it better than the Colombian playmaker. The Spanish player stepped up last season, with impressive games until leading the team in the Champions League final. Now, one doubts about his quality and his importance in the team.

However, all the lights are pointing to Marco Asensio. The youngster was impressive against Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals and he scored a goal in the final against Juventus. In the Euro U-21 Tournament he lead the Spanish team into the final and, after his first season with Los Blancos, we all expect him to shine from the beginning.


For this reason, Asensio has to be the new talented player who lead the attacking line and fight with the BBC for a position. Although he is very young -he’s only 21-, Asensio is prepared to play often in the line-up and offer solutions to Zinedine Zidane in the attacking line.

As opposite as what happened last year, Asensio will join the group later, on the 20th of July, so he might miss the first games of the season, including the European Supercup. On the contrary, last year he started very strong, with goals against Sevilla in the European Supercup and against Real Sociedad in the La Liga debut.

Asensio will have many competitors in the squad. Apart from Isco and the BBC, Los Blancos signed Dani Ceballos, so he’ll need to step up and raise his level to show all his potential. He could be the new ‘10’, the new playmaker, who makes the difference in the team.