Cristiano Ronaldo explains why he would like to move back to England


He appeared in court last week as he denied he evaded about £13million in tax by using three off-shore companies based in the British Virgin Islands.

Cristiano Ronaldo has told a Madrid court he wants to return to England after being accused of tax evasion.

During his time in court, Ronaldo said: “I never had these problems in England. That’s why I want to go back there.”

Jose Mourinho previously discussed a move for Ronaldo after speculation spiralled earlier this summer, however, confirmed it would be mission impossible to try and bring him back to Old Trafford.

“We have never thought about it because he is such an important player for his club,” he said. “Of great economic power, where we have not been able to find for whatever reason that could have made us think that Ronaldo could leave.


“I am not a defender in my club once you waste time on players who are mission impossible.”

United looked to re-sign Ronaldo in 2013 and two years later but a move did not materialise as he was happy in Spain, leading the side Champions League successes in the following campaigns.

Mourinho did not contact Ronaldo after reports emerged in June when he was intent on leaving Real , amid the tax fraud allegations.

Although it would be brilliant to have him back, I’m sure most United fans have gotten over getting excited when being linked with Ronaldo, just because it’s happened so many times before and never materialised.