David de Gea’s Man Utd future becomes clearer as star goalkeeper prepares to buy new house

​Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea looks set to commit to the Old Trafford club for a while yet after it has been reported that the Spain #1 is moving to a new house down the street from his current rented property with a view to ultimately buying long-term.

Spanish gossip mongers ​Don Balon have claimed again just this week that Los Blancos will make another approach in summer, yet the European champions may well be out of luck…again.


As is common for foreign players, De Gea has rented ever since he arrived at United from Atletico Madrid six years ago. But a press frenzy erupted and his future was ‘thrown into doubt’ when the house he resides in was reported to be ‘on the market’ in April of this year – at a time when renewed interest from Real Madrid was starting to surface once more.

Two months later in June, he was falsely reported to have already moved out, again wrongly fuelling speculation that he had agreed to return to Spain.

It was conveniently ignored by the tabloid reports at that time that De Gea does not own the house and therefore the decision for it to be sold was not his, and rather came from the private landlord. The property had apparently been ‘for sale’ for a while anyway.

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Mansions valued at £3.85m in the wealthy Greater Manchester suburb of Bowdon, home to many Premier League footballers, are not a quick sell as the buyer-pool is understandably very small and so it would seem that only now has someone with that kind of budget has been found.

That means De Gea and girlfriend Edurne Garcia really are leaving this time. But, according to The Sun, where they are heading is a mere ‘500 yards’ away.

A source told the newspaper, “They have only moved around the corner, but he will still have plenty of packing to do. He has numerous Man of the Match awards to ship and has hired local firm Osbournes to do the heavy lifting.

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“It looks like good news for the club, and the fans should not be losing any sleep, he has long-term plans here.”

The report claims that De Gea’s new house will be another rented property, but there will apparently be an ‘option to buy further down the line’ as well.

De Gea may harbour ambitions of one day playing for Real Madrid, but he has never asked to leave United, despite what ‘reports from Spain’ may have tried to tell us at various points over the last three years. What’s more, he isn’t likely to ask either.

He remains very happy at United, happier under Jose Mourinho than he was in 2015 when Louis van Gaal was in charge, and his reluctance to push for a move is what saw Real give up seriously trying to sign him before the transfer window had even formally opened this summer.

The fact that the 26-year-old is moving house from one rented property to another is, in many ways, meaningless. But the suggestion that buying the new rental is an option at some point in the future can only be good news for United fans desperate to see him stay for years to come.