Balotelli: ‘I’d join Napoli or Roma’


Mario Balotelli reveals he was in negotiations with Juventus, would not return to Inter or Milan, but is enthusiastic about Napoli and Roma.

The Nice striker gave a video interview to comedian Damiano Er Faina’s Facebook page.

“I never thought about going back to Inter. I don’t know who will win Napoli-Inter tonight, but it will certainly be a beautiful game of football,” said SuperMario.

“I don’t follow Milan and I wouldn’t go back there. Juventus? Their mentality might do me good. In fact, I was supposed to go to Juve before I joined Milan. I went to talk to them first, but then I chose Milan because I was a fan and I also got along very well with Adriano Galliani.”

Balotelli was asked if would like to play for Roma or Napoli.

“Roma are a good team… As for Napoli, I wish! They’ve got that trio up front that work perfectly together. It’d be difficult for me now, but I hope they win the Scudetto anyway.

“I actually think Juve or Inter will take the title, but I hope for Napoli… I don’t know Luciano Spalletti, but everyone speaks very highly of him.


“The best Coaches I worked with are Jose Mourinho, Roberto Mancini and Lucien Favre. The best goalkeeper I worked with was Julio Cesar from my days at Inter. Mancini feels like he’s wasted at Zenit.”

Balo was also asked if he would play for Barcelona.

“I like Real Madrid, but if Barcelona were to call, I wouldn’t exactly start crying…”

Balotelli left Inter in tense circumstances, as he famously threw his jersey to the ground after the final whistle of a Champions League game.

“I am so fed up of this story. If I could go back, I’d keep the shirt on just so people wouldn’t keep going on about it. I have absolutely had it. I can understand getting angry, but not after seven years.”

Did he prefer Francesco Totti or Alessandro Del Piero?

“They were two different players, but even though Del Piero was fantastic, I preferred Totti. If he’s got a centre-forward in front of him, Totti will create 20 goals for him.”