The reason why Di Maria left Manchester United was raveled

Angel Di Maria translator has told why the Argentine left Manchester United after just one season.

Di Maria moved from Real Madrid to United in August 2014 for a sum of £ 59.7m but failed to meet expectations, scoring only four goals in 32 games in all races for the “Red Devils”.

At the end of the 2014/15 season, Di Maria was voted as United’s worst transfer that season and after that was immediately sold to the French club PSG.

However, it now appears that former Benfica winger was never been at Old Trafford, according to his translator Debora Gomes.

“He was unhappy at the club. First, because he could not communicate with anyone. Second, because he realized that the club had bought him to sell his shirt not because he thought he was a player who would bring trophies, “he explained further.